ESF CoP projectgroup meeting

The ESF CoP group will held the next meeting of the Group will be held on Friday 20th January 2017 at the ESF offices, Blvd Maurice Herbettlaan, Brussels, 1070. Following on from the ESF Brussels Council meeting it was agreed we would send out a list of potential headings for the individual countries to create their own National Annex. To proceed further in the development of the CoP these informations should be sent to David Dyke and Mike Hall before the meeting.

Following items should be discussed during the meeting:

1.  Design working life
2.  Safety factors (Eurocode partial factors)
3.  Wind pressure 
4.  Thermal expansion/contraction design range
5.  Sign joints
6.  Mechanical properties
7.  Adhesives
8.  Brightness
9.  Free standing sign foundations
10.Sign Legibility



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