The European Sign Federation (ESF), previously called EVL, is the pan-European Federation of national trade associations for the sign industry. It is truly an Association of Associations, although individual membership is also open to companies in European countries where no national association exists and to interested parties based outside Europe.


The European Sign Federation, with the agreed abbreviation ESF, is a European Federation which is registered in Belgium accordance with Belgian Law. For administrative purposes, the operational offices are situated at the operating address of the Secretariat. The Registered Office of the European Sign Federation is situated at Maurice Herbettelaan 38A, 1070 BRUSSELS, BELGIUM.

The majority of the membership of the Federation is made up of National Sign Associations representing individual European countries. However, where no such Association exists the ESF is happy to welcome applications from companies in those countries in order that the ESF goals can be extended to those countries. Membership of the ESF allows each representative a seat on the Council of the Federation hosted by a member Association, to discuss business relevant to the Federation and for members to exchange information on National market and European trading conditions.


Over the years the ESF has developed a reputation as a key player in the sign industry worldwide. It has as a result already attracted individual members from all over the globe, North, South, East and West. Through this wider involvement the ESF has a network of contacts available to members.

With the increased Europeanisation of legislation and standards under the development of the European Union, Brussels plays a key role in signmakers’ everyday lives. In the past, the strength of united lobbying was successful during the energy crises in the 1970’s, when many signs were compulsorily switched off, and has been influential in the development of various national permissions required for illuminated signs. The combined resources of the ESF can be very persuasive in lobbying both international legislatures and national Governments. The bigger the membership the larger the influence. Following the registration of the Federation in Brussels we have for the first time the opportunity to discuss and influence the suggested norms related to the signage industry before they come into legal force. The Federation will use this opportunity to our best ability for the well-being of the European Sign Industry.