Argentina bans mercury discharge lamps

Argentina will prohibit from January 1st 2020 the importation, exportation and production of the following mercury-added products in an effort to comply with the provisions of the Minamata Convention on Mercury:
• compact fluorescent lamps for general lighting purposes, with a power of 30 watts or lower and a mercury content greater than 5 mg per lamp burner;

Eyes Catching Entry Gate

While RGB based LEDs appear in many modern tech devices, the principle actually date back several years. A Single LED could light up in only one colour but modern tri-chromatics LED strips can display up to 7 basic colours with shades in between. This can be particularly useful for eyes catching on a shop entry gate: the video shows an installation done by 2R Pubblicità S.r.l.

Biennale 2019

Venice, Biennale 2019.
Tavares Strachan dedicates his artwork to the first Afro American astronaut died in a training accident in 1967; it consists of a morbidly celebratory, a visually arresting installation featuring holograms joint with a neon skeleton of Mr. Robert Henry Lawrence Jr.

Neon in times of social reaslism

“Afterimage” is a 2016 Polish movie directed by Andrzej Wajda. Biopic of Polish avant-garde artist Wladyslaw Strzeminski, whose abstract style brought him into conflict with his country's authorities and their narrow-minded conception of what art should aspire to be, it is a movie about how the socialist government destroyed a charismatic, rebellious man. Wajda does not forget to recreate the neon signs which illuminated streets of Łodz in the times of social realism.


From tradition to the evolution of one of the most significant and environmentally friendly lightening source, that has made the consumer city big and continuously expanding. An excursus on how to use neon in visual communication, art, design and architecture, without neglecting the technical and technological innovations that international laws and future market demand, and that the most visionary companies can fulfil.