New ESF-board 2023

The presidents editorial

Dear colleagues and members of ESF,

I have pleasure in adressing you as newly elected President of your organisation.

It is an honor to represent so many european professionals in illuminated branding who give the best of themselves to shine and excell.   This may be more difficult than before due to various factors like soaring energy cost, scarce skilled labour and a turbulent political climate but we have overcome challenges in the past and we will continue to do so in the future.

New circumstances often create new opportunities, waiting to be detected. 

Our new team of 10 directors brings more inspiration and experience from their respective regions together and enables faster feedback to and from all of you. We are all convinced our effort can benefit the many thousands of signmakers that are active in europe. Innovation, improving quality and last but not least service to the public can be the driving force to increase profitability. 

Our workgroups Technical, Code of Practice, Education, Marketing and Communication are eager to bring us to the next level of cooperation thereby benefitting all of you. The day to day follow up will be in the hands of Hans Joachim Kremser with secretarial backup of Anne d'Angelico.   

I look forward to bringing all of you, signmakers and supporters, together and lead you in these new challenging times.

Yours sincerely,

Luc Steegmans,