F/ART is sponsor of the 11th edition of the Triennale Design Museum

The Company continues its commitment with sponsorship through the production of the neon installation presented in the exhibition’s overture.

“The curator of the section, Chiara Alessi, together with Leonardo Sonnoli and the designers Calvi and Brambilla, show how contemporary design production processes have changed deeply”, says Silvana Annicchiarico, director of the Triennale Design Museum. “They portray a kind of city in which the circulation of goods through new distribution channels dominates. A sort of Blade Runner, or Chinatown, a city dominated by signs.”

“Speaking of a way of buying and selling that has changed, those neon signs are ideally exploding and shattering”, affirms Leonardo Sonnoli, designer of the installation. The signs not only recall the physical places of international markets, from Piccadilly Circus to Times Square, but also evoke the iconic role played by neon in twentieth-century culture: since when over a hundred years ago, a Parisian barber lit the first sign in a small shop called Palais Coiffeur, neon has gone from being a lively tool capable of attracting tourists to restaurants, shops or snack bars, to becoming a recognisable feature of major cities, and is now a favourite material of many contemporary artists.

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