The neon for contemporary art

During the Biennale of Art, held in Venice last october, F/ART - associated member of AIFIL - organized a conference about neon for contemporary art - design, communication and architecture. This convention took place on 6th october 2017 in Venice. The round table attracted the interest of Marianna Madia, Italian Minister for the Simplification of Public Administration and Chiara Braga, member of the Environmental Committee of the Italian House of Representatives. The convention was an opportunity to discuss and the different professionial skills and experiences on the common theme of the endless possibilities of neon in the fields of contemporary art, architecture and design. F/ART's CEO Marisa Graziati, AIFILs President Alfio Bonaventura, the artists Marotta & Russo, the architect Gisella Gellini and the art curator Martina Cavallarin attended the meeting.

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